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Step 5: Interviewing

The importance of the interview is obvious. This is “where the rubber meets the road” when pursuing a job opportunity. Preparation is the key for this critical step, yet few job seekers prepare adequately for an interview. In this step, you will learn the research and strategies required for a successful interview.

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Interviewing Protocols

As you prepare for an interview, consider how your dress, grooming, posture and attitude will impact the interviewer. An interview is a formal meeting. How you appear and present yourself should recognize that fact.

Log Notes

Following each interview, you should make notes so that you will be able to prepare for a second interview and follow up appropriately, with the interviewer. A form has been provided for this purpose.

Your Interview Strategy

The documents referenced in this section, will prepare you for the type of questions that are frequently used by interviewers today. You should plan your interview strategy using these suggested techniques, and then seek out someone to help you with a practice interview.

Your “Second” Interview Strategy

When you get a second interview, you will have an opportunity to use the information from the first interview to craft a presentation showing how you will be able to satisfy their job requirements.

The “Rocking Chair” Question

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