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Step 4: Marketing Materials

There are five documents that are basic to any job search: 1)Marketing Letter 2) Resume 3) Cover Letter 4) Proof of Performance and 5) Business Cards.  Although every job seeker needs a resume, it is a good idea to not hand out your resume until it is requested.  Sending out an unsolicited resume does not assure that it will be read.  There is no law that requires the recipient to read a resume.  In fact, people who receive resumes spend between 4 and 17 seconds looking at a resume and deciding if they should read it. They have two questions to help them decide. What does this person want to do?  Why should I read this resume?  The top half of the first pages page determines if the resume will be read or not.  Having answered the first question, “What do you want to do?”  We now address the second question the resume reader has, “Why should I read this resume?”  We do this by listing seven of our most compelling accomplishments.  These are the accomplishments that we identified in Step Two “Assessment”. Be sure that what you list here are true accomplishments, not tasks.  In this step we will learn the strategic importance of preparing these documents with the proper focus.

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Your Resume

Everyone needs a well written resume that is inviting to read and which quickly highlights your accomplishments. Materials in this section will guide you through the resume writing process. Job coaches are also available to review your resume.

Portfolio of Work

For some jobs, examples of past work can be helpful to show to a prospective employer.

When you mail a resume to a prospective employer it is a good idea to send it with a cover letter. The cover letter should be no more than half a page, and written in such a manner that it sells the recipient on reading your resume.

Your “Cover Letter”

When requesting an interview by mail, and when a resume is not specifically requested, a marketing letter should be used. Much like the cover letter, it should be brief and written such that a prospective employer will want to interview you.

Your Marketing Letter

A major question is; “How do I ask for a networking Meeting?” and “What do I say when I get there?” Scripts have been provided for you use in both cases.

Articles to e-mail

A good way to maintain contact with a person who interviewed you is to send them a current article dealing with a topic discussed during the interview.

Networking Scripts

As a result of learning the job requirements during a first interview, some job candidates have developed a presentation to be used in the second interview describing what they would do to satisfy the job requirements.

Your Business Card

It is absolutely essential to have a business card printed so that you can distribute one to every contact you make while you are seeking employment. You will find a fee source for securing business cards on the next page.