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Step 2: Assessment

What is Assessment?
As it relates to the job search process, assessment is simply doing some things to discover our accomplishments and attributes to determine where we best fit in the world of work. Where will we be most successful?

Why Do an Assessment?

In the job search process we do an assessment for two reasons: 1)To select an occupation for which we are best suited. 2) To understand the value we bring to prospective employers. It’s All About the Employer. When we are out of work and searching for a job it is natural for us to focus on our problems and our needs. We approach the job search from the perspective of our need for a job. Frankly, prospective employers could care less about our need for a job. The only reason they hire anybody is that they have a business problem or need. The employer’s expectation is that the person they hire will be able to help them solve their problem or meet their need. It is your job to identify those problems and needs and then present yourself as the solution to their problems and needs. The person who approaches the job search from the employer’s perspective gains a significant advantage over others who are focused on their problems and their needs. The successful job search is all about the employer! In Step two we will determine the specific strengths and accomplishments we can bring to the employer.

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One of the first steps the job seeker must take is to list his or her skills (or abilities). This is more difficult than it would appear. You may want to have friends and family identify your skills as they see them. Until this step is completed you are not ready to develop your resume or to begin networking.

Interest Testing

You will be most successful in a career that is aligned with your interests and aptitude. Make a list of your interests and consider taking one or more of the several tests available to identify your aptitude.

Starting your own business

For some people, starting your own business may be a good alternative to seeking employment. However you must consider that this can be a costly proposition that carries a significant degree of risk.

Minnesota Work Force Centers

WorkForce Centers are a collaboration of partners,including the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Development (DEED) and local community agencies. People seeking work, businesses seeking employees, students, and those looking for a first job or returning to the workforce, will find services to meet their needs, offered at no cost.


Prospective employers are most interested in what you can do for them. The best predictor of future performance is past accomplishments. For this reason, you should make a list of accomplishments in previous jobs, expressing them in dollars or percents whenever possible.


As you present yourself to a perspective employer, strive to do it in such a way that you stand out from all the other candidates. Your second interview strategy is a good place to consider this opportunity.