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Step 6: Follow Up

Thank-you notes are a common courtesy that are no longer common. This affords those job seekers who do use them an opportunity to stand out from the crowd (in a positive way). As a general rule, send a thank-you note to everyone who helps you in your job search. Not only will the recipients appreciate your note, but also it will bring your name to their attention once again and they will be even more motivated to help you in your job search. The common wisdom is to mail thank-you notes the same day as the interview. In this step, you will learn specifically who should receive thank you notes and when and how they should receive them. The training in these steps may surprise you.

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Thank You Notes

You should send a hand written thank you note to every person you network with and to every person who interviews you. Make the note as personal as possible by referring to something that was discussed during your interview.

How Often Should I Follow Up?

After sending the initial thank you note, you should follow up with the interviewer every couple of weeks, until the hiring decision has been made.

Send Thank You Note After Receiving a Rejection Letter

Each time you are rejected for a position, send a note thanking the decision maker for his or her consideration, and expressing your ongoing interest in the position.